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Can we wash the Cienta shoes of our kids?

It is one of the questions that we often ask ourselves when we see our children's footwear totally dirty, can we put the shoes in the washing machine or will they spoil?

Our little ones usually go from here to there and go everywhere to play and have fun. Which causes them to mess up their clothes, shoes, body ...

And of course, the clothes we know we can wash without problems, but with the shoes the feeling is different. Will it affect the material? Will they shrink? Will they deform? There are many questions, and here are the answers:

Can we wash Cienta's shoes in the washing machine?

Yes. All Cienta footwear can be washed in the washing machine taking its proper precautions. We make it easy for you.

What are those precautions to wash the shoes?

We will only have to remove the insoles from the shoes so that they do not get wet and wash with cold water to avoid fading.

And the drying?

Our recommendation is that you do not dry the shoes in the dryer, it is preferable to let them dry outdoors to prevent the shoe from shrinking and spoiling.

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