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What is the equivalence of sizes for children's shoes?

When we make an online purchase of children's shoes, we are concerned about the size of the shoes we buy.

We know that there is the possibility of exchange or refund, but we are not interested in extending the purchase with this type of procedures, so we look for the right size with the shoe from the beginning. For that reason, before tracking on the web recommendations or opinions about it, it is best to investigate if the online store offers a list of sizes that help us to hit the shoes.

In Cienta we have that list open and available to help with the purchase decision of our clients. Our size chart is based on the length of the infant foot (in centimeters). If we have that reference, it is easy to know what is the ideal size for our little one.

In that sense, our recommendation before buying intuitively is that you measure the length of your child's foot and compare it with our size charts so that the shoes you choose will be perfect.

Check our table of equivalence of sizes for children's shoes and hit right with your purchase.

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