Sustainable Habits to Educate Our Children

Every day there is more talk about issues that have to do with sustainability, circular economy, ecology, recycling ... Concepts that are essential in the education of children in order to guarantee a sustainable future.

Three sustainable habits that we can teach them

- Sustainable consumption: Creating sustainable awareness means educating our children that less is more (energy, clothing, footwear, accessories, food ...). Waste is one of the irresponsibility we have to fight against to guarantee sustainability. Therefore, consuming when needed is the best philosophy.

- Recycling: the culture of recycling allows us to give second lives to products that we have obsolete. Being able to reuse these elements will help reduce the environmental impact, the excessive production of products and create commitment.

- Energy saving: With technology as the protagonist of the moment, teaching our children to be careful with the use of energy will also serve to benefit their sustainable commitment.

In Cienta we want to share all these sustainable habits so that the ecological philosophy is integrated from the beginning in the education of our children.

Remember; less is more.

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